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Craftsmanship: Inheriting the beauty of traditional artisanal jewellery

Along with the development of 3-D printing technology, pressing a button to easily print out a designed model seems to make the efforts of historic traditional craftsmanship futile. However, while admitting that the trends in technologies could be beneficial to jewellery design in certain aspects, Ava still values the traditional craftsmanship of artisanal jewellery. After having worked in jewellery design for more than a dozen years, Ava stepped out of her comfort zone to become an apprentice in the now rarely-seen metalsmith atelier in Hong Kong. Taught by masters with decades of experience in this field, Ava has gained hands-on experience on almost every aspect of jewellery making, from polishing material to curving and shaping, aiming to make artistic jewellery that has a personal touch.



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