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Witness: Jewellery is the incarnation of love and appreciation

To the eyes of a few people, shining diamonds and dazzling gems sitting on the shelves might seem a bit intimidating. However, to Ava, jewellery is definitely not a mass-produced luxury that does not relate to general public. Instead, jewellery is the symbol of all forms of precious emotions and gentle kindness in this entire world. It could be a necklace that you have always coveted for your 30th birthday as a reward for all your hard work; it could be a pair of wedding rings reminiscent of the love story shared with your partner along this journey; it could also be a meticulously prepared pendant by a caring mom in anticipation of her new-born. Being human, we ought to learn to love ourselves and appreciate all we have, and then extend our love to others. Jewellery is in fact the witness of all the precious moments in the course of the wearer’s life.



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